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The GreenFood Channel – 2012 Presenters

The GreenFood Channel: Bringing you delicious vegan nom noms...


Justin Sideris, Head of Noms and veteran of the kitchen will again be at this year’s festival presenting two demonstrations from The GreenFood Channel‘s latest publication, The Soygurt Solution.

It’s something familiar to many Australian vegans: The Soygurt Dilema, otherwise known as finding delicious plain soy yogurt. The solution? Make it! Learn how in Justin’s first demo, along with how to make your plain soygurt AMAZING with Strawberry and Lime Soygurt Syrup.

For the second demonstration Justin will show how his amazing homemade soygurt is as versatile as it is tasty by demonstrating how to create mushroom stroganoff (he may even be resting it on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes to go with…)

Check out the Soygurt Solution here, along with The GreenFood Channel website and Facebook page.


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